Managing a Book Group can be like herding cats!

Changing schedules, polling and voting on the next title, who has already read what, and didn’t we already read this? It’s never been easy managing a group of opinionated readers. Until now.



Calendars, updates, changes, reminders, email, texts & more


Voting, poling, round robin, best sellers, award winners, & more


Easy integration with Zoom, Google, Teams, Skype, Slack,


Live, live video, live online chat, offline, Facebook, & more


Current members, invitations, sponsored, recommended


Published Critics, Awards, Best Sellers, vloggers & more

Book Store/Library

Purchase online, from local retailers, Overdrive Libraries


Manage it all from one simple unified Admin Dashboard. Ahhhh.

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No Two Groups Are the Same

Take any two readers and you’ll get three book group opinions. With BookGroop, you can create the exact type of structure that fits you best. What to read, when to gather, how to communicate plus reviews, suggestions, discussion guides, and more. And it all works seamlessly with your favorite on-line video platform

the Group YOU want - Not what We Want

BookGroop Profiles

Some groups are run from the top down. One person picks the books, schedules the date, approves members and sets the agenda

Benevolent Dictatorship

Some groups run from the ground up. Decisions are made jointly with much discussion, adjustment, and accommodation

Cooperative Collective

Only $1.99 per member / month

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